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Welsh Springer Spaniel Dogs

General Information

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is an ancient breed and is an active dog displaying a loyal and affectionate disposition. Although reserved with strangers, he is not timid, shy, or unfriendly and is a devoted family member and hunting companion.


Slightly smaller than the English Springer, the Welsh Springer is solid and compact, possessing a rich dark red and white coat, which is thick and silky with no tendency to be wavy and is very nearly self-cleaning. Bred specifically to spring game toward a net or into the air for a falcon to capture prior to the invention and common use of the gun, the Welsh Springer rarely advances beyond easy gun range. Possessing a superb nose, slightly webbed feet, and an ability to negotiate heavy ground cover, the Welsh Springer is not only a versatile hunter but is also a very good water dog and retriever.

The Welsh Springer does possess a stubborn streak; however, he is an extremely intelligent dog, and with patience and an early start, he can be an excellent hunting companion.

Being of medium build and size with an even, reserved disposition, the Welsh Springer is a gentle family dog and prefers to be with his people. The Welsh Springer is often referred to as a 'Velcro' dog, as you cannot go anywhere without your 'shadow.' At the same time, without being mean or aggressive, the Welsh Springer knows when to protect and guard.

The average life span of the Welsh Springer is 12 to 15 years of age. The average height at the withers is 17 to 18 inches for a female and 18 to 19 inches for a male. The average weight is 35 to 50 pounds for a female and 40 to 55 pounds for a male.

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